Did The Campaigner appear in Turok VH2 or just VH1?

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You gotta have Faith!
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Did The Campaigner appear in Turok VH2 or just VH1?

Post by Oxmyx »

The reason I ask is I am at work bored and had a thought. Ever since I learned about the difference between VH1 and VH2 I got the feeling the Turok video games (at least the original three) were basically VH2.

But today at work it occurred to me that I've only seen The Campaigner in VH1 Birthquake.

So was the first Turok video game VH1 and VH2 mixed, while the next two were basically just VH2?
I've been looking everywhere for the ultra-rare Turok vs Blister issue. Anybody able to help me out?

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Nice art! (I used to own that.)
Nice art! (I used to own that.)
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Re: Did The Campaigner appear in Turok VH2 or just VH1?

Post by sonicdan »

If I remember right the first Turok video game focused on Tal'Set vs the Campaigner, the second was about Joshua Fireseed vs Primagen, and the third featured Joseph and Danielle Fireseed (depending on which character you chose).
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Re: Did The Campaigner appear in Turok VH2 or just VH1?

Post by operative lm »

The first game was loosely based solely off of VH1 Turok, but it was released after the start of VH2, which kind of retconned it so that its story happened there as well.

The VH2 Campaigner appears in the comic in the back of the first game's manual as well as the online comic that was going to lead into the second game.

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Re: Did The Campaigner appear in Turok VH2 or just VH1?

Post by Sunlight on Snow »

The VH-2 Campaigner also appears in Spring Break in the Lost Lands.

The first video game, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, certainly featured VH-2 Turok (Tal'set just as Dan mentioned) but the Campaigner actually looked a lot more like VH-1's (skull) then VH-2's (former soldier turned zombie monster).

I think all Turok games are set in VH-2 continuity as you either play Joshua Fireseed or Tal'Set with the exception of Oblivion and, of course, the 2008 version and Escape from Lost Valley.

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