Spider-Gwen value

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Spider-Gwen value

Post by pjar »

I have a complete set of the Spider-Gwen series, both vol. 1 and 2 (through the end of last year). I see that it currently sells for around 200 dollars on ebay. I was wondering if you guys think that this is a character that is going to appreciate in value in the short-term or if 200 dollars for the series will be a price for the near future. In other words, is this something worth holding on to for a little bit or something worth selling now?

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Re: Spider-Gwen value

Post by jaspersk »

Heres my two cents
If you can get $200 sell it
Turn it into two low grade $100 copies
Of her first appearance in spiderman 31
Or if you don’t need to sell it keep it
Buy a bunch of asm 31s
Everything thats hot these days are books
That just came out.
Gwen stacey first appearance
And death of books
To me would be what to buy
They’re going to push the character

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