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Collected Edition Sale!

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Please add 3% for goods and services or pay with Friends and Family. Free shipping if books are over $50.

Absolute Chew Smorgasbord vol 1 S&N Sealed $110
Absolute Chew Smorgasbord vol 2 S&N Sealed $110
Absolute JLA/Avengers $150
Absolute League of Extraordinary Gentlemen $100
Absolute Martha Washington Slipcase $250
Absolute Ultra $25

Omnibus Amazing Spiderman McFarlane DM Variant $100
Omnibus Avengers Busiek 1 + 2 $125
Omnibus Avengers by Bryne Sealed $55
Omnibus Cable and Deadpool $115
Omnibus Daredevil Frank Miller DM Variant 1st Print $100
Omnibus Daredevil Companion DM Variant 1st Print $50
Omnibus Deadpool Classic $40
Omnibus Elektra DM Variant Sealed $100
Omnibus Flash Vol 1-3 $325
Omnibus Ghost Rider $130
Omnibus Hawkman $80
Omnibus iZombie $50
Omnibus Ms. Marvel $30
Omnibus Oz $30
Omnibus Silver Surfer Outer Pages Show Yellowing $240
Omnibus The Planetary Sealed $40
Omnibus The Starman Omnibus vol 1-6 $250
Omnibus West Coast Avengers vol 1 $90
Omnibus West Coast Avengers vol 2 $90
Omnibus Wolverine Miller $250
Omnibus Deadpool by Joe Kelly $125
Omnibus Doctor Strange vol 1 by Lee Dm Variant Sealed $85
Omnibus Iron Man by Layton Signed by Layton $85
Omnibus Deadpool Minibus vol 1 $30
Omnibus Thor by Walter Simpson 1st Print $60
Omnibus Secret Wars II $75
Omnibus Fifty-Two Omnibus Sealed $60
Omnibus Amazing Spiderman by Michilinie $60
Omnibus Spider-Man Omnibus by Todd Mcfarlane $115
Omnibus New Teen Titans vol 2 & 3 Original Printing $55
Omnibus Wonder Woman by Perez vol 1 $50
Omnibus Spiderman by Stern $85

Amazing Spiderman Lot $500
Amazing Spiderman vol 1, Amazing Spiderman vol 2 Original Print Sealed , Amazing Spiderman vol 3 DM Variant Sealed

Premier HC Avengers The Initiative vol 1 $4
Premier HC Avengers The Initiative Dreams and Nightmares $3
Premier HC The Death of Jean Dewolff $6
Premier HC New Avengers: The Reunion $3
Premier HC Green Lantern Corps: Emerald Eclipse $5
Premier HC Avengers Prime $5
Premier HC Ultimate Comics Thor $5
Premier HC Ultimate Comics Ultimates by Hickman vol 1 $3
Premier HC Avengers Academy : Second Semester $3
Premier HC Avengers Academy : Final Exams $5
Premier HC Ultimate Comics Hawkeye $4
Premier HC The Joker: Devil's Advocate $10
Premier HC Moon Knight by Bendis vol 2 $3

Blackest Night Lot $55
Premier HC Blackest Night Rise of the Black Lantern
Premier HC Blackest Night Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns
Premier HC Blackest Night Black Lantern Corps vol 1
Premier HC Blackest Night Black Lantern Corps vol 2
Premier HC Blackest Night Green Lantern Corps

Secret Avengers Lot $20
Premier HC Secret Avengers Remender vol 1
Premier HC Secret Avengers by Brubaker vol 1
Premier HC Secret Avengers by Remender vol 2
Premier HC Secret Avengers: Run the Mission Save the World

Fear Itself Lot $65
Premier HC Fear Itself Secret Avengers
Premier HC Fear Itself Spiderman
Premier HC Fear Itself Thunderbolts
Premier HC Fear Itself Heroes for Hire
Premier HC Fear Itself The Home Front
Premier HC Fear Itself Uncanny X-Force
Premier HC Fear Itself The Fearless
Premier HC Fear Itself Herc
Premier HC Fear Itself Ghost Rider
Premier HC Fear Itself Dracula
Premier HC Fear Itself Deadpool
Premier HC Fear Itself Hulk
Premier HC Fear Itself Wolverine
Premier HC Fear Itself Youth in Revolt
Premier HC Fear Itself Avengers Academy

Siege Lot $20
Premier HC Siege: X-Men
Premier HC Siege: Battlefield
Premier HC Siege: Embedded
Premier HC Siege: Avengers the Initiative

TPB Liberty Meadows vol 1-4, Sundays $35
TPB Marvel Knights 2099 $2
TPB Avengers The Enemy Within $20
TPB Civil War Prelude New Warriors $2
TPB Ultimate Adventures One Tin Soldier $3
TPB Ultimate Elektra $3
TPB House of M: Avengers $5
TPB House of M: Masters of Evil $20
TPB Ghost Rider: The Road to Damnation $30
TPB Captain America Jurgens vol 1-3 $30
TPB Heroes Reborn: Avengers $20
TPB Heroes Reborn: The Return $8
TPB Heroes Reborn: Fantastic Four $10
TPB Incredible Hulk: Past Perfect $8
TPB Incredible Hulk: Dogs of War $3
TPB Hulk By Byrne and Garney $5
TPB The Punisher Presents: Barracuda $3
TPB Venom by Daniel Way Ultimate Collection $40
TPB Vengeance of the Moon Knight vol 2 $15
TPB Secret Wars: Age of Apocalypse $3
TPB What If Classic vol 1-7 $120
TPB X-Men Dreams End $7
TPB Mystique by Vaughan Ultimate Collection $10
Epic Collection Fantastic Four Into the Time Stream $25
Epic Collection Fantastic Four All in the Family $15
Epic Collection Wolverine Madripoor Nights $40
Epic Collection Wolverine The Dying Game $15
Epic Collection Incredible Hulk Ghost of the Past $12
TPB Batman Tales of the Demon $20
TPB Watchmen $5
TPB Batman Year Two $5
TPB All Star Superman $10
TPB Nightwing Year One $35
TPB The Amalgam Age : The Marvel Comics Collection $35
TPB The Question by O'Neil vol 3 $50
TPB Elseworlds: Boatman vol 1 $10
TPB Elseworlds: Justice League vol 1 $15
TPB C.O.W.L vol 1 $2
TPB Orc Stain $5
TPB Undertow: Batman's Call $1
TPB Batman Shaman $15
TPB Batman A Lonely Place of Dying $5
TPB Batman Strange Apparitions $50
TPB Batman Other Realms $15
TPB Batman: Lil Gotham $5
TPB Revolver $2
TPB Batman: Knightfall Part One: Broken Bat $5
TPB Star Wars Omnibus: Boba Fett $40
TPB Boba Fett Enemy of the Empire $3
TPB Star Wars Tales: Volume 4 $3

Darkness/Witchblade Lot $30
TPB The Darkness Rebirth vol 3
TPB The Darkness Accursed vol 2
TPB The Darkness Accursed vol 3
TPB The Darkness Accursed vol 4
TPB The Darkness Accursed vol 5
TPB The Darkness Accursed vol 6
TPB The Darkness Accursed vol 7
TPB JLA/Witchblade
TPB The Darkness/Batman
TPB Witchblade Darkminds : The Return of Paradox
TPB Witchblade/Darkness Family Ties

Hulk Lot $240
TPB Hulk Visionaries By Bryne vol 1
TPB Hulk Visionaries By David vol 1
TPB Hulk Visionaries By David vol 2
TPB Hulk Visionaries By David vol 3
TPB Hulk Visionaries By David vol 4
TPB Hulk Visionaries By David vol 5
TPB Hulk Visionaries By David vol 6
TPB Hulk Visionaries By David vol 7
TPB Hulk Visionaries By David vol 8

Secret Wars Lot $30
TPB Secret Wars: Journal
TPB Secret Wars: Star Lord and Kitty Pryde
TPB Secret Wars: Runaways
TPB Secret Wars: Where Monsters Dwell
TPB Secret Wars: Secret Wars 2099
TPB Secret Wars: Krovac Saga
TPB Secret Wars: Guardians of Knowhere
TPB Secret Wars: Armor Wars

Ghost Rider Lot $50
TPB Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch Addict
TPB Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears
TPB Ghost Rider: Ultimate Collection

Black Panther Lot $20
TPB Black Panther Power
TPB Black Panther The Deadliest of the Species
TPB Black Panther Who is the Black Panther?
TPB Black Panther The Bride
TPB Captain America/Black Panther Flags of Our Fathers

Decimation Lot $35
TPB Decimation X-Men The 198
TPB Decimation Sentinel Squad O.N.E.
TPB Decimation Son of M
TPB Decimation Generation M
TPB Decimation X-Men The Day After

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