Setting up at shows

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Getting that sauce across the border ain't easy.
Getting that sauce across the border ain't easy.
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Re: Setting up at shows

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TheeBaldMoose wrote:sounds like you're starting to find a bit of a groove! NOICE!!
My goal is to have at least one takeaway each show, and then improve on that for the next one. I think for me I'm already developing a reputation for cheap prices, so hopefully if I continue I'll have that recurring business. It's like what my friend said that made that large buy off me, I like (big dealer) a lot, but his prices are way too damn high I can't buy anything from him!

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I sell comics, I collect Valiant.
I sell comics, I collect Valiant.
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Re: Setting up at shows

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GGSAE wrote:
Elveen wrote:
GGSAE wrote:Just did show #3, quite the success....Total dollar amount sold was high, 24+ times cost a lot of this was due to selling a bunch of keys/higher ticket books. I also made a group sales to a friend of mine after I told him I can accept credit :)

I meant to take pics but was rushed at the beginning, because I was stationed in the hall early-birds were already there and there were additional dealers that had populated the space even more. I managed to snag a great hard-plastic folding utility table for $10 and dumped my cheap long boxes across from me on the wall. I plan on using my main table to bring more boxes of just individually-priced books as I still need more inventory at the show and have a lot left to bring. Last point, I snagged some cheap preacher books from the dealer beside me....I'm starting to see the business that takes place between other dealers....
That is often the BIGGEST business.
You've probably seen this, but I've heard of dealers buying-out others completely. I know there's one guy down the hall from me that's selling his collection and told me he will need to make a decision shortly, either dump everything at $1 or buy more inventory. I guess that's the catch, you need to always be buying. It will be awhile before I need to make that decision, for now I'm just looking to move some stuff and try to learn something new each month.
I've for sure know guys that have sold everything at a show.

and yes, you always need to be buying.

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