I will be selling a few...

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I will be selling a few...

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of my Bowen statues.

Shocking you say ?

No, not really... it is just that I got a few at a great deal and am wanting to sell those, get the cash and buy the ones that I REALLY want.

I will be getting rid of

Doctor Octopus
Captain Marvel (current version)
Entire Fantastic Four set (Reed, Johnny, Sue, and Ben)
Wolverine (non-Bowen)

I am wanting to go after figures that go with my 'theme' which really isnt a 'theme' at all, just characters that relate back to my childhood and had an impact. Obviously, I read Avengers back in the day and Spider-Man. But I now want figures like:

Moon Knight (do you know how hard it is NOT to write 'Moon Knightt' ? :)
Lizard (maybe)
Captain Marvel (1970s version)
Nova (maybe)
Doctor Doom

THEN I might be done with the mini busts. 'might'

So, if anyone is interested in the statues that I named off in the 'gotta go' list before they hit Ebay, please let me know. Fair market value and maybe some haggling. Will ship most secure and ONLY the price of shipping, not goughing like most of these f@cks do on Ebay. $18 to ship a Bowen mini bust.... PLEASE.

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