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Re: X-O Manowar #12 Discussion

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Oxmyx wrote:
tell wrote:Every time the art changes I think I don't like it at first then realize I really like it. This art really makes the Bounty Hunters and other Gorins feel really distinct to me, I love it.

I was just assuming Baz-L freed Shanhara, but I do think there is more to Shanhara eating Bat that we see now. It's different than any other way we've seen Shanhara kill, that makes me think there is a significance. Maybe Shanhara needed fuel, maybe shes reproducing for some reason, just turning a lifeform directly into an armor instead of replacing it piece by piece. I'm interested, I think we may see something else come from that, or Bat somehow still being significant. jmatt's fleshtube idea is great, that would awesome

I predicted two bounty hunters would survive, it's hard to imagine that only one will die next issue. I hope there is more coming from these guys, I'd like them to at least pop up from time to time like Quartz and Helix.
greg wrote:I agree, this definitely seems like Valiant's answer to requests they've been getting for years:

- Stop making everything exactly four-issue stories
- Spend more time Universe-building
- Make us care more about character motivations and their deaths
I'm very happy about this series and how they've handled it.
Quartz and Helix pop up where? Just tell me the TPB volume, please.
What TPB is this issue #12 included in? And the term FLESHTUBE needs to be used way more often.
The last arc of UNITY is a REVENGE OF ARMOR HUNTERS arc. They show up there. It's only a couple issues, #23 and 24. They each show up again for one panel in a possible future in BOOK OF DEATH (the main mini series).

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