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PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 10:00:43 am 
innerSPACE does whatever I tell them
innerSPACE does whatever I tell them
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If anyone would like to hear our OTV:VCR podcast discussing/reviewing this issue [& Shadowman [2018] #9], please follow the link;

Thanks to any who listen in :thumb:

I like to draw stuff...

My wife likes to draw stuff too, and she is better than me! [I'm very proud of her]... ... ref=stream

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2018 6:21:31 pm 
You gotta have Faith!
You gotta have Faith!
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I thought this final issue of the current run was pretty good and have enjoyed the series overall.

One that this is becoming increasingly apparent with the new regime is the direction of the character as a whole;

Livewire post HWII is being portrayed as a villain to a certain extent - G.A.T.E want her captured
Ninjakis becoming an enemy of G.A.T.E after not giving up Livewire's coordinates and refusing to cooperate with them to help bring her in.
Quantum and Woody - are on the run from G.A.T.E after being released by XO - G.A.T.E want them captured and kept under observation

The new Unity could very well be a team of heroes in conflict with G.A.T.E

I don't mind this direction but hope we see a payoff with a Unity titlewhich plays on the directions the individual series have taken.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 6:34:20 pm 
Just jumpin' through time arcs, that's all.
Just jumpin' through time arcs, that's all.
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Favorite title: X-O
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Weak end to a series which lost steam after Kibblesmith left the book. The alternative universe was wasted on this arc and it brought two new characters into continuity but ultimately seemed like a waste of time.

Not a fan of Portela’s art either, too bland and ‘clean’.

I think Q&W have joined Faith, War Mother and Shadowman as series that I’ll only pick up in ComiXology sales in future. You can only fail so many times.

To be fair to writer Rahal, I think these are the hardest characters to get right, it’s easy to make them too goofy/silly and I think this became silly in this final arc.


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