Punk Mambo #2 Discussion

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innerSPACE does whatever I tell them
innerSPACE does whatever I tell them
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Punk Mambo #2 Discussion

Post by grendeljd »

If anyone would like to hear our OTV:VCR podcast discussing/reviewing this issue [& Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #7, & The Forgotten Queen #4], please follow the link;

http://onlythevaliant.com/episodes/vcr207/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Thanks to any who listen in!
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Dallow Spicer1
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Re: Punk Mambo #2 Discussion

Post by Dallow Spicer1 »

I can’t get into this book, I think I just don’t like magic/LOA etc. Art was good though. I think Bunn would have been more wisely used with an A list Valiant character, seems a waste to put him on this book.


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I will call my mum and ask what the *SQUEE* is going on.
I will call my mum and ask what the *SQUEE* is going on.
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Re: Punk Mambo #2 Discussion

Post by Phantom »

Another great podcast episode

Will have to relisten ad9 working at the time. - no Chris but someone took his place ripping a new one on the colours - a washing machine full of ink.

Like I said was working. Don't know if it was a bloodshot issue or forgotten queen.

Did focus in on Punk Mambo. My favourite charactor at the moment.

So much so I drove to town and picked up my standing order.

Something about how this charactor is presented and written, Kazuo Koike said it best, not going to quote- but from memory- the development and engagenent with the charactor is what brings a story to life, not just a story.

Punk Mambo s development as a charactor wants me to read more.

Take that as you may, I am a big hellblazer/ swamp thing fan outside of valiant ( ad well as Spector ). Mayne i kust want old vertigo hellblazer back.

Another great episode.
I wish their was a Spinal Tap comic, and I had a copy CGC graded at 11.

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Just jumpin' through time arcs, that's all.
Just jumpin' through time arcs, that's all.
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Re: Punk Mambo #2 Discussion

Post by agent_graves »

So far so good. Arts on point, and the plot moved a long a bit... :thumb:

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Personal shoe-shopper for Atom!
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Re: Punk Mambo #2 Discussion

Post by otomo »

Decent. This is definitely a "better read in trade" kind of an issue.
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