Punk Mambo #3 Discussion

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I only know how to fish, f^%k, fight, and throw rocks
I only know how to fish, f^%k, fight, and throw rocks
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Punk Mambo #3 Discussion

Post by DirtbagSailor »

VCR Episode 211:

Wrath of DBS! :lol:


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Personal shoe-shopper for Atom!
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Re: Punk Mambo #3 Discussion

Post by SwiftMann »

Ooof. This has become a lot like Livewire in the sense that the issues are generally impossible to tell apart with zero plot momentum.

The difference here is that Bunn is putting out memorably bad dialogue* and memorably bad attempts at "shocking" dialogue** while Ayala's writing is just plain forgettable.

*You get your jollies ventin' your inadequacies on others?

**You didn't hear a ringin' in your ears--like a thousand dead babies singing?
"If you think any of these [older comics/shows/movies] do not carry a political content and is not using the medium of science fiction to explore real-world ideas, than you have not been paying attention." - Dan Abnett, VCR #246

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Dallow Spicer1
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Re: Punk Mambo #3 Discussion

Post by Dallow Spicer1 »

Not a fan of Deadside/magic based books so this will probably be the last series of this type I’ll buy. This was fine, slightly more interesting than the previous issue but not blowing me away either.

3/5 - middle of the road

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Just jumpin' through time arcs, that's all.
Just jumpin' through time arcs, that's all.
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Re: Punk Mambo #3 Discussion

Post by agent_graves »

If we could just get the plot to move a long a bit, it’s been little to no progression. Arts still on point for the most part.

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innerSPACE does whatever I tell them
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Re: Punk Mambo #3 Discussion

Post by grendeljd »

Very much enjoyed this issue.

Read it & #2 at once, and the two issues have blurred together in my mind a bit. I really like her punk attitude towards the traditions of the Institution of the vodun pantheon & its worshippers. I think she will learn to have a little more respect for them before the end of this story, but its a nice contrast to have her basically criticizing the people who blindly follow the traditions of their religion without question, and the near-ridiculous demand for respect from the Loa who may or may not even deserve it.

Absolutely loving Adam Gorham's artwork so far, you can feel him getting more comfortable with the character with every panel. He has a fantastic style & I love the kinds of compositions he pulls off within each panel, which then flow together within the greater compositions of the page. Particularly impressed with the great "camera angles" he often chooses for scenes which could otherwise be a bit dull to draw.
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