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I only know how to fish, f^%k, fight, and throw rocks
I only know how to fish, f^%k, fight, and throw rocks
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Fallen World #5 Discussion

Post by DirtbagSailor »

This is OTV/VCR Episode #220.

This is our SPOILER-LOADED review of Fallen World #5 (of 5)

This is 15 min of your life that you WILL get back because we are awesome! :thumb:


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Dallow Spicer1
Just jumpin' through time arcs, that's all.
Just jumpin' through time arcs, that's all.
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Re: Fallen World #5 Discussion

Post by Dallow Spicer1 »

Wow the boards are getting quieter in the published issue section :? ‘Woke Valiant’ seems to be turning the fans off big time.

Solid conclusion from Abnett to Fallen World and he’s fleshed out the 4002 Earth during the 5 issues as well as tying together the world of Rai with War Mother and her community so he’s definitely moved things forward.

I found the panels a bit ‘clunky’ in this issue and I had to take time to figure out how the action was moving along a couple of times but overall I liked Pollina’s art...but where are Gilad’s facial scars as Chris mentioned on a recent podcast?

I think it’s good that Father stays on the table as far as future stories go, I think continuing the next series wiry another Father related story might lead to fatigue. I’d have like to have seen Rai face new enemies.

3.75 for this issues and 4/5 for the series

Read the preview for the new series and wasn’t too keen on it tbh. Not liking the dialogue exchanges between the Rai’s too much and I don’t like Dalhouse’s colouring on Ryp’s art. Not sure Ryp is the right art choice for this series but we’ll see. I really hope this new Rai series delivers as there’s not much else to be optimistic at the moment from Woke Valiant.

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