Bloodshot (2019) #7 Discussion

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Dallow Spicer1
Rockin' out in Torquehalla
Rockin' out in Torquehalla
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Bloodshot (2019) #7 Discussion

Post by Dallow Spicer1 »

The inside cover tells us that Bloodshot’s purpose is to ‘write the wrongs’....WRITE THE WRONGS?! Shouldn’t that be ‘right the wrongs’?! :o

The book goes downhill from there. It reads like Seeley writes (rights :P ) the first thing that comes into his head and as long as there’s explosions and ‘cool things’ like vampires and zombies then it’s job done! This series has been trash from the start and at this point I think I’m just ‘hate reading’ it.

The art from Lamming is a big improvement from that chaotic 90’s style mess from before. That said, character designs are poor and why door Eidolyn have a top with a green circle on it? Is that relevant or just a really poor choice to match Bloodshot’s red circle?

The whole editorial team need replacing for green lighting this series off the back of the dire Rising Spirit and coinciding with the Bloodshot film.

After re-reading Lemire’s Bloodshot Reborn recently, reading this now reminds me how far Valiant has fallen since Dinesh and co left.

1.5/5 - non-sensical story, zero depth, don’t waste your time facepalm

Still afraid of Gamma
Still afraid of Gamma
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Re: Bloodshot (2019) #7 Discussion

Post by cthulhu73 »

Just read it last night myself and agree. I also wondered why they used a different artist for about four pages in the middle of the story.

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Personal shoe-shopper for Atom!
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Re: Bloodshot (2019) #7 Discussion

Post by SwiftMann »

I just couldn't even bother reading the rambling over explanation of powers and expositions in a couple parts. I almost never do that, but this continues to just be awful. While I liked Laming's art well enough on #0, it didn't work for me here.
"If you think any of these [older comics/shows/movies] do not carry a political content and is not using the medium of science fiction to explore real-world ideas, than you have not been paying attention." - Dan Abnett, VCR #246

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Ask me about the Mellow Mushroom
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Re: Bloodshot (2019) #7 Discussion

Post by tarheelmarine »

I like the concept of Edeilion and Bloodshot having a romantic relationship, but will be dropping this title.

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