The Lot #2

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The Lot #2

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Story by Marguerite Bennett, art by Renato Guedes.

As with issue #1, this is a decent story but feels clunky to read in parts and there’s also some panels where it’s unclear what’s being depicted. It leads to a somewhat disjointed read, but there is an interesting story in there and by and large the art is very good. I guess inconsistent is how I’d sum it up.

Essentially, the story centres around a group of people in the film industry who have made a demonic deal with a cult in return for their main desire to come true. The catch is that there’s a toll to be paid and the members of the group don’t want to pay it and instead try to sacrifice others.

Aviva Copeland, the story’s main character, becomes aware of what’s happening and some slightly confusing stuff ensues.

The back up story ‘Cinq Jet’ from Kindt and Lapham was more my cuppa tea. Clever short story about a guy who gets fired but being drunk on the job, steals an alien piece of technology which allows him to know what will happen in 12 months time. He uses this do get rich until he finds out about his imminent arrest and 5 year jail term!

3.5/5 for the Lot

4/5 for Cinq Jet

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