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Disney Infinity 2.0

Fri Oct 17, 2014 9:09:54 pm

So we got this for our kids. It came with the Avengers pack (Iron man, Thor, Black widow) and then we bought the Cap figure.

We also got them the Guardians set (starlord and gamora) and, of course, bought the Rocket and Groot figs.

They love it. I have not played it yet, but it looks super cool. It does nto look hard at all, in fact it looks easy. But there are some changes from 1.0 that look real good.

Anyone else have this game?

Re: Disney Infinity 2.0

Fri Oct 17, 2014 9:13:24 pm

We're going to get it for my son's birthday.

Re: Disney Infinity 2.0

Tue Oct 21, 2014 1:44:40 am

I've never tried it or Skylanders but from what I do know you can get the PC version for free with 3 free heroes. The downside is that there is no portal thingy so the only way to get new heroes is to buy the toy and use the PC code.

That said, whoever came up with Skylanders and Infinity had to have gotten a raise.
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