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I only know how to fish, f^%k, fight, and throw rocks
I only know how to fish, f^%k, fight, and throw rocks
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Psi-Lords #2 Discussion

Post by DirtbagSailor »

Listen in as VCR unravels they mysteries of this series.

Yup, it is exactly what you think it is.

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Re: Psi-Lords #2 Discussion

Post by kinggirlfriend »

Great episode as always! I feel like the lack of comments on these two books speaks volumes.

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Dallow Spicer1
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Re: Psi-Lords #2 Discussion

Post by Dallow Spicer1 »

This book was awful! The dialogue is painful throughout with everyone trying to be ‘hilarious’ non stop, unoriginal powers and jus an absolute lack of effort in characterisation. When I think of what VDitti did with the Vine and Kindt with his XO run, the way people spoke differentiated them as being from different planets, even Aric’s dialogue shows he’s from another time/place. In FVL’s book, we have 4 people from around the world plus aliens from who knows where, and they all sound like the same generic American sitcom voice. facepalm

I re-read issue one to remind myself what happened and enjoyed it even less second time around, cheesy dialogue and implausible, lazy story.

If I hadn’t already pre-ordered the next couple of issues then I’d bail on this!

2/5 - avoid-taimos

Not good enough Valiant

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Is it Dee-no or Die-no? Dunno.
Is it Dee-no or Die-no? Dunno.
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Re: Psi-Lords #2 Discussion

Post by SwiftMann »

While the book still has several major flaws, this is surprisingly the most interesting issue of the last two weeks. I am intrigued by the background story, not the main characters.
"If you think any of these [older comics/shows/movies] do not carry a political content and is not using the medium of science fiction to explore real-world ideas, than you have not been paying attention." - Dan Abnett, VCR #246

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