Selling full runs with autographs

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Confession... I liked Psi-Lords.
Confession... I liked Psi-Lords.
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Selling full runs with autographs

Post by Tim »

Hey, lads! Just soliciting some advice here. As some of you all know, I have been drastically downsizing my collection over the years. I have whittled my collection of around 12,000 comics down to just the absolute essentials. Now it's time for the essentials to After being a comics reader and collector for over 30 years it just doesn't really mean anything to me any more. I am down to basically just complete runs of my favorite stuff. (Wally West Flash #1 through New 52, complete 80's and 90's Silver Surfer and cosmic Marvel Stuff, huge runs of Swamp Thing, Hulk, etc)

The snag for me is the fact that these runs contain many, may signed issues that I have been getting for the last three decades. Right now I'm thinking of just listing them on eBay and saying that some are signed without getting into too much detail (definitely not interested in listing each issue and what signed are on there). I already list most everything I sell on eBay as reader copies even though my stuff is usually in great shape because I'm not interested in trying to put a grade on stuff either.

Any other options you guys can think of?

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The admin around here must be getting old and soft.
The admin around here must be getting old and soft.
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Re: Selling full runs with autographs

Post by greg »

Unless you enjoy listing and packaging, it seems like the kind of thing that mycomicshop would handle for you. You might email them and ask about how they'd handle the signatures, since they're legit but unwitnessed and you're not looking to get them certified.

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