The Valiants #2

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The Valiants #2

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This second issue in this mini series was ok. Didn’t blow me away but wasn’t offensive either.

Deathmate features as a central character. I don’t remember her being this talkative but in this issue her plan is to become the Geomancer again and get rid of the nanites. She captures current Geomancer Tama but I wasn’t clear on how she was planning to take her powers.

Meanwhile, someone decided to have a story with a character called Myna and another called Mina :roll: One of them is Eidolon who was created during the disastrous DMG era, and she’s really getting a push here to become a central character. This seems as futile as ‘making fetch happen’ but nevertheless she recruits Bloodshot to stop Deathmate. They battle and using a special bullet he seemingly kills Deathmate. Plot twist! She’s not dead and she seems to be turning back into Kay McHenry. A mysterious character has her captured and this is where it ends.

Next issue…Quantum & Woody :o

Al Barrionuevo’s art was the best thing about this issue, I thought it was pretty good. The story was so-so.

3/5 - Worth a read

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