A new feature here in 'Other Collectibles'...

Non-comic collectibles, such as collectible cards, action figures, statues, toys, or even pogs! (If you collect it, and it's not comics... then discuss it here!)

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A new feature here in 'Other Collectibles'...

Post by Knightt »

In an attempt to provide board members and others who scoure the internet for information... I am posting two new 'stickies' and announcements as needed here in the Other Collectibles - Cards, Toys, Figures, Statues, etc..

The first will be 'Ashcan Alley' and 'The House of Cards List'.

The purposes are as follows (the short versions)...

Ashcan Alley will simply list every ashcan by company/universe that we can come up with. Good example: Malibu - Ultraverse. Malibu owned Ultraverse but both had 'separate' ashcans. This is basically an attempt to just try and get a list (hopefully with pics) of the different ashcans out there for... well, those that collect ashcans and their variants. Should be too easy, we will take it as it goes. It will be posted in a sticky and progressively get longer, but I will be making additions to the first post so that can be the resource post in the thread.

Same will apply for 'The House of Cards' but it will be dealing with Non-Sports Cards or Trading Cards that do not deal with Sports. Anything from Superheroes, Dead Universes, to Movie Cards to Fantasy/Sci-Fi... you name it, we can put it on here. I will either have a list and provide a link to a list on another site (with the web admins permission) or actually post the list.

The MAIN purpose of both of these stickies will be to become a stopping point to collect information and I really hope that it will turn into a trading/giving section much like the Dead Universes... I mean, lets take Trading Cards, that is why they are called 'Trading Cards', you trade them with each other... or in many cases just to help someone finish their collection because throughout their years of collecting cards, they have duplicates of duplicates and don't mind helping someone out or again using that word... 'trade' with someone.

We will take this one very slow. We will take every idea, suggestion, and constructive criticism into consideration.

I have been made a moderator within the ‘Other Collectibles - Cards, Toys, Figures, Statues, etc.’ section but I will limited these moderator abilities to ‘Announcements and Stickies’ that have been created dealing with Ashcans and Non-Sports Cards. Same protocols like in the DU though, no fighting, no flame wars and no walking around naked from the waist down. :thumb:

I HOPE that you will find this useful.

I HOPE that you will be able to complete your collections (or even get sucked into the vice of card collecting).

And I REALLY HOPE that you will have fun.

More to come...

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Post by JohnnyRnR »

Looking forward to this, any movement? (Obviously not now, you're riding teacups or some such.)

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