BBTS Marvel Action Hour U.S. Agent

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I have a Quasar collection. And I love it. So there.
I have a Quasar collection. And I love it. So there.
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BBTS Marvel Action Hour U.S. Agent

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I thought a few of you guys would find this interesting. There was a period where this was, hands down, the hardest-to-find Marvel Action Hour figure that saw release (the Wave 5 Prototypes are another story entirely). This toy was a late-line release and didn't see much U.S. distribution (mostly only in the U.K.).

I bought my first MOC example all the way back on August 07, 2001 (I've been keeping records of my collections going as far back as the Apple II GS as a family computer at home). I paid $24.95 for mine, which back in 2001 felt like a fortune for an action figure - younger guys here might not understand this, but it's true.

The market ballooned on these for a while and then as eBay became more prolific, the price settled through increased availability. But BBTS has dug some inventory up and now has it on sale for $9.99 - a great buying opportunity to pick up this one-time-grail toy now almost 30 years old.


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