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by Daniel Jackson
Tue Jun 29, 2004 12:11:37 am
Forum: General VALIANT Discussion
Topic: The "Definitive" Valiant...
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A good place to start would be the TPB's if you are just interested in the reading. That way you can get an idea of whether of not you like the series or the characters before investing a lot of time and money filling in the different runs.
by Daniel Jackson
Sat Jun 26, 2004 9:33:51 pm
Forum: Re-Reading The 1990s VALIANT Universe
Topic: timewalker
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I agree with you on the harbinger wars storyline. I always thought that the Timewalker character had a lot of potential and the stories that could be written for Ivar are practically endless. Too bad it was such a short run.
by Daniel Jackson
Sat Jun 26, 2004 8:38:34 pm
Topic: Valiant Completists - Signed Books
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I too have a harbinger tpb signed by Shooter. Mine is the blue bird edition but I don't have a certificate with it .
by Daniel Jackson
Sat Jun 26, 2004 8:16:52 pm
Forum: Professionally Graded Comics (CGC and CBCS)
Topic: Holy Shadowman! (...and CGC off-topic posts...)
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I noticed another ebay auction similiar to the high priced Shadowman lot. This one has only issue number 2 from Shadowman Vol.3 and this individual wants $350 dollars for it. Any takers? ... 52348&rd=1
by Daniel Jackson
Mon Jun 21, 2004 9:01:02 pm
Forum: General VALIANT Discussion
Topic: Any Valiant based movies in the works?
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Hello all. I just seen the trailer for i,Robot. The movie looks very well done. The main story does ring a lot of Magnus but not so much as to be a complete rip-off. It takes place in the future when domestic worker robots are numbering 1 to 5 with humans and one particular robot is accused of murde...